April 23, 2014

Fruit and Vegetable consumption up in Schools

By Evelyn C. Castillo Editor of Latinometro

A new study found that federal standards for school meals launched in 2012 have led to an increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables among students.

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Hispanic moviegoers make huge Impact at the Box Office

By Latinometro Staff

Hispanics accounted for a quarter of all movie ticket sales and were more likely than any other ethnic group to buy tickets, contributing to record box office sales in 2013, according to the MPAA. Read More


Landmark Health Study on Latinos finds Diverse Range of Health Issues

By Evelyn C. Castillo Editor of Latinometro

The National Institutes of Health recently unveiled its landmark health study on Latinos, which found that the diseases, risk factors, and lifestyle habits Read More


Afro-Latinos struggle with Two Cultural Identities

By Latinometro Staff

For Afro-Latinos existing within African and Latino communities can be a challenge. They’re not “black enough” to fit in with the African American community nor “brown enough” to fit into the Hispanic community. Read More


Latinos Left Out in the Cold

By Mickey Ibarra President of the Ibarra Strategy Group

The failure of efforts by House Republicans to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare” in the latest battle over the federal budget and debt ceiling has many Democrats breathing a Read More

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